Man hit by car while mowing lawn

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Monday afternoon, a man mowing the grass in McDuffie County fell victim to a hit and run.

George Boyd is in serious condition after being hit by a car while he was mowing a lawn.

The driver kept going, leading police on a chase.

It happened around 1:20 Monday afternoon on the Georgia 10 bypass.

The car chase was short-lived; both state and local officers were chasing after the man. He was arrested an hour later about ten miles away from where Boyd nearly lost his life.

Every two weeks for the past three months, Rubye Dunaway knew there was one man she could count on.

"He was reliable; if he told me he'd cut the grass on Tuesday, he'd be here," she says.

And just like any other week, George Boyd showed up at her house to trim her yard on Monday morning.

"I heard a loud impact, and my daughter hollered, 'He got hit, he got hit,' and I ran out and I said, 'Who got hit?' 'Fox.' That's the nickname he gave us."

Georgia State troopers say Boyd was cutting the grass on the edge of the road on the Georgia 10 bypass when a car ran off the road and hit him.

"For some unknown reason, the driver lost control or drove off the road," says Cpl. Ritchie Howard. "He struck him as he was cutting the grass and fled the scene."

"Every time I close my eyes I know I'm going to see Mr. Boyd laying at my back door in that ditch," Rubye says. "Not how I'd like to remember Mr. Boyd."

State troopers are not releasing the name of the driver for now.

It is unknown at this time whether or not he will be charged.

He's being held in McDuffie County for questioning.