Keith Brown responds to Alvin Mason's news conference

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Interim Augusta commissioner Keith Brown remains under fire.

The man wanting his seat claims he may be holding it illegally.

District 4 commission candidate Alvin Mason says he has documents showing Brown hasn't lived in Georgia long enough to serve his district.

News 12's Jonathan Martin spoke with both men today.

Keith Brown says this has all become somewhat of a personal attack, while Alvin Mason says it's about following the law.

So is Keith Brown holding his seat illegally? He says no, but his opponent wants him prove it.

District 4 commission candidate Alvin Mason says interim commissioner Keith Brown should either prove he's qualified to serve, or step down.

"I did not want Mr. Brown to be in a position of potentially doing business illegally for the city," Mason said in a news conference Monday.

At that news conference, Mason presented an opinion from the city attorney stating that commissioners must live in Georgia for at least two years prior to the date of an election.

According to a letter from the Aiken County Elections Commission, as of October 2004, Keith Brown was a registered voter in Aiken County, South Carolina--and the Richmond County Board of Elections says Brown did not register to vote in Georgia until august 2005.

Mason says this clearly shows Brown does not meet the two year requirement.

"By Mr. Brown voting in South Carolina in the general election Nov. 2nd 2004, he has forfeited his right as a resident and citizen of Georgia," he said.

"I am the commissioner for District 4, I'm serving legally, and I'm qualified to serve," Brown told News 12.

We presented all of the information to Brown. While he would not comment on it directly because he says he wants more time to review it, he did answer the big question: Have you lived in Georgia for two years?

"I have proof that I've lived in Georgia since 2003."

Brown says he will be happy to provide documentation, but only if the Board of Elections asks for it. Until then, he says he's focusing on District 4.

Meanwhile, his opponent is asking for immediate answers.

"If you cannot provide evidence to the contrary then I respectfully call for your immediate resignation as commissioner of District 4," Mason said in his press conference.

"Do you plan on resigning?" we asked Brown.

"I have no plans on resigning at all," he said.

The Board of Elections has not taken a position on this issue because no formal complaint has been filed. That's something Mr. Mason says he may do later.

Mason is planning to go before the commission Tuesday to bring up the issue.

However, he's not on the agenda, which means it will require unanimous consent for him to be added. In other words, Keith Brown would have to agree to it.