Four-year-old killed crossing street

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He was just four years old...but Savier Jones' life was cut short after he was struck by a car leaving a cookout.

It happened Sunday night at the intersection of Apple Valley Drive and Winesap Way.

Neighbors say it was an accident waiting to happen.

The little boy's mom, Kathrina Jones, asks that drivers in the area slow down.

"It's so painful," says Kathrina. "It's just right across the street."

It's a nightmare Kathrina Jones is reliving every time she looks out of her window to the place where he four-year-old son was hit by a car.

Savier Jones was leaving a neighbor's cookout when he tried to cross the road.

"I couldn't walk over there," she says. "I didn't want to see him laying like that."

Neighbor Jeff Archie was one of the first to reach Savier. He was at his home when he heard a thump-like sound.

"I grabbed a blanket out of the closet and I came back out the door and put it over him to keep him from going into shock," he says.

Doctors and nurses did all they could.

"The nurse said when they got to the hospital he was gone," says Kathrina. She says the impact knocked her son's shoes off.

Neighbors in Apple Valley only wonder if the accident could have been prevented. They say too many cars are ignoring the speed signs, and limited lightning and speeding cars make for a deadly combination.

"In this section right here it's pretty dark," Jeff says.

"Sometimes the cars be going 50 and 60 miles," says Kathrina. "They be flying through here."

Kathrina says she's already forgiven the driver...and she finds comfort knowing that her son is at a place he often looked up to.

"It's so painful to lose a child, but I just thank God that he is in heaven."

Investigators are in the process of re-interviewing witnesses.

The driver, 27-year-old Phyllis Brown, has not been charged.