Commissioners tour District 4

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Augusta commissioners were back on the bus for one last time today.

They spent the afternoon touring District 4, and News 12's Jonathan Martin was on board.

"Final bus tour---save the best for last," joked Keith Brown interim commissioner for District 4.

It's a large area, including most of Hephzibah and parts of Gordon Highway and Dean's Bridge Road.

The lack of development in some areas and gang activity in others are catching the attention of city leaders.

"I have been in contact with the sheriff's department," Brown said. "There are plans in place to keep that under control. As for the growth and development, it's on the way."

Also on board for the tour was Alvin Mason, the man running against Keith Brown for the permanent seat. Mason questions whether Brown should be holding the position if he's lived in the district less than the two years required.

"If Keith Brown does not meet those requirements that the law mandates, them Keith Brown is sitting in the seat illegally," he said.

"I will not say I was pleased with the things that he said or the way that he said them, but I'm concentrating on District 4," said Brown.

This was the final bus tour. Commissioners say the tours have opened their minds to all the needs across the city.

"We are the same, but at the same time, we are uniquely different," said commissioner Marion Williams.

It's the end of a ride...and the start of what many hope will be a more cohesive Commission.

The mayor and five of the commissioners showed up for today's tour.

Commissioners also plan on taking a tour of the Augusta Canal later this summer.