Warren Road residents angry over construction inconsistencies

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Neighbors are confronting the city on a construction project long overdue, right off one of Augusta's busiest stretches.

When improvement plans left the drawing board, they say they were left out altogether.

Warren Road is a busy cut-through right off Washington Road, and currently the site of a major road construction project.

Now some homeowners want to know why they are being left out of the city's original plans.

To some, construction on Warren Road just seems like a never-ending project. It started three years ago and was later placed on hold. Now things are expected to wrap up in September.

Only on 12, neighbors on one block of the road are asking: what about us?

"This road has been torn up like this for 15 months," says homeowner John Cannon.

On the same road, just yards away, neighbors are wondering why it hasn't begun.

"We just have been brushed off like we don't even exist," says homeowner Suzanne Jones.

Suzanne and Mike Jones are the voice of many neighbors on the 400 block of Warren Road, questioning why their end of the road was not included in the city's multi-million dollar construction project. Most of their neighbors will have newly paved streets and sidewalks in front of their homes, but as for the Joneses...

"We have ditches, and they are unsafe," Suzanne says.

When this road construction project started, it was to include all of Warren Road...but the new sidewalk cuts off in the middle of someone's yard, meaning the rest of the neighbors are left out.

And city leaders can't tell us why.

"I don't know why it was not included in the engineering scope of the work, but it wasn't for some reason," says District 7 Commissioner Jerry Brigham.

The Joneses say they've been told all kinds of things, including the city ran out of concrete and just decided to stop. So we called the man in charge: Augusta Engineering Director Abie Ladson.

He came by to meet with us, but ultimately he didn't have an answer either.

"But why?" Suzanne asked him. "It's a 3 letter word. Why?"

"I can't explain why, and why it didn't continue to King's Chapel Road," Ladson said.

"It sounds like they didn't do their homework before they started the job," says Suzanne.

Ladson did say the Augusta Commission is looking into the issue and searching for funds to extend the project. That's something these homeowners will make sure they do.

"I'm like a Georgia Bulldog," Mike Jones says. "I'm going to bite and bite until something gets done."

The engineering director says it will cost $800,000 to extend the project to the 400 block...and this comes at the same time as they are being asked to cut their budget by 15 percent.

News 12 also tried to reach Augusta's former engineering director, Teresa Smith.

She was criticized by some commissioners for the delays on this project.

Ms. Smith could not be reached for comment.