Burned body ruled homicide; no arrests yet

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An autopsy was performed July 11 on the body of 28-year-old Isaiah Randolph Selman.

Selman's body was found Monday afternoon burning in some brush off of Old McDuffie Road, right across from Living Word Christian Center.

The maintenance man who found him spoke with News 12 about the discovery.

"The only thing I saw was duct tape around the mouth and nose area and the eyes," said the man, who did not want to be identified. He was tending the grounds of Living Word Christian Center when he noticed the burning body.

"At first when I observed it I thought it was a regular mannequin, until I observed it some more and said no, that's a body."

Investigator Steve Fanning is handling the case. He says there were apparent injuries that appeared at first to be a gunshot injury.

"It did appear to be some sort of hole-like injury to the right side of this forehead," Inv. Fanning said.

The autopsy report, however, showed that while there was a head injury, it was not caused by a gunshot or any projectile. Selman's death has been ruled a homicide, possibly from suffocation.

While investigators say there is no indication that Selman was involved in a gang, they want to talk with his circle of friends to try and piece together a timeline of Selman's activities leading up to his murder.

"Obviously, we want to talk to as many people that knew Mr. Selman as we can and build a database of names and affiliates of Mr. Selman," says Inv. Fanning.

Investigators have no suspects in custody.

If you know anything about the murder of Isaiah Selman, you can call Inv. Fanning at 706-821-1075.