Investigators say man shot to death, then burned

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Shot to death, and then burned...that's what investigators say happened to one man in south Augusta. The body of 28-year-old Isaiah Randolph Selman II was found Monday, July 10 near a church.

Deputies say he was shot, set on fire, and then left on the side of the road in the 3000 block of Old McDuffie Road.

Based on clues found after the blaze, investigators have reason to believe the fire was started to hide the truth behind why he was shot and killed.

"I woke up, I seen a lot of smoke, but I just thought it was a brush fire," says neighbor Byron Samuels. "Didn't think much of it."

The everyday brush fire quickly turned into a not so common murder scene.

"It surprises me but kind of doesn't, because stuff happens here," Samuels says.

Tiny orange flames could still be seen hours after the body was found.

Firefighters were told not to extinguish the blaze completely so they could recover what evidence may have been left behind.

"About 11:20, a maintenance man from Living Word Christian Church was loading equipment in his car and noticed smoke coming from directly across the street," says Inv. Steve Fanning of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

The fire is not believed to have lasted very long; the burnt brush in the area shows investigators the fire didn't have time to spread far.

"Upon initial examination of the body, we did see a gunshot wound to the head," Inv. Fanning says.

That leads investigators to believe that whoever did it was trying to hide something.

"It's pretty bad for someone to try to kill someone like that then try to burn them, that's real bad," says neighbor Daniel Youngblood.

There are some gangs in that part of town. Deputies have talked to some of Isaiah Selman's friends, but they say he was not involved in any gangs.

The autopsy is being performed at the GBI Crime Lab in Atlanta.