Investigators say Tobacco Road shootout gang-related

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Richmond County sheriff's investigators have arrested five suspects and are looking for several more after a shooting at a south side gas station Monday, July 3.

Investigators are not saying much about this investigation because they are close to making several arrests, but they do say two local gangs are involved.

After initial uncertainty about what led to a 40 round shoot out at a south Augusta gas station Monday, investigators now have a good idea.

"Just gang tension, just opposing gangs doing what they do," says Lt. Scott Peebles of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Peebles says interviews with witnesses and suspects, including these two now in custody, have authorities saying the Tobacco Road shooting that wounded a 18 year old woman is the work of two Augusta-area gangs: the O-Dubs and the Sunsets.

The Sampson family lives in Barton Village in south Augusta. That's the neighborhood investigators say the O-Dubs claim. The Sampsons say the gang typically hangs around a basketball court at the McDuffie Woods Community Center, constantly causing trouble.

"Saying their name, 'O-Dub', and fighting people, jumping people, saying this is the neighborhood they represent," Jaleco Sampson says.

Investigators believe the other gang, the Sunsets, live in or around the Cherry Tree Crossing apartments on 15th Street.

When we talked to people living in the apartments, most told us "Sunset" is another name for the area, and say they're unaware of any gang activity.

"I don't even know what they talking about," said a resident called "Tee". "Ain't none of that stuff going on around here."

But investigators say surveillance video and other evidence supports their belief that these two gangs were responsible for the shooting.

"Well, we've identified about 20 people who were there, and right now, we have arrested approximately five people," Lt. Peebles says.

And they expect to make several more arrests.

At first authorities were not sure if the 18-year-old woman who was shot in the incident was connected to one of the groups fighting.

Now Lt. Peebles tells us investigators do not believe she was involved.