Georgia firework restrictions send buyers to South Carolina

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July 2, 2006

Fireworks and the Fourth of July go hand in hand.

Many of you enjoyed them at the comfort of your home. But not all fireworks are legal in the peach state, and it's taking a toll on sellers.

"We're lucky they changed the law last year so we can have fireworks in Georgia, but they won't let us have it's made sales a lot slower," says firework stand manager Heather Dodgen.

The law passed last year only allows the use of sparklers and non-aerial fireworks in the state of Georgia, making firework sales less than spectacular at Dodgen's stand in Augusta.

"It's frustrating. We hope we have something they'll want," she says.

And for some they do. But more often than not...

"The first question they ask us: 'Is this here?' 'It's not legal.' And they say 'We'll go across the border'," says Dodgen. "Probably 9 of 10 people ask and leave, and it's hard."

It pushes customers right into the hands of stores like Wacky Wayne's in North Augusta, just minutes away.

And with less restrictions in South Carolina, it's a much easier sale...especially for families like Martinez resident Brian Washington's...who doesn't mind driving the extra mile to get the stuff he wants.

"Bottle rockets, stuff you can shoot in the air, we need a little more excitement," he says.