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Local judge requests opinion of State Ethics Commission

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The State Ethics Commission takes up a request from a local Superior Court Judge Thursday, June 29 at their monthly meeting. Judge Duncan Wheale has asked for an opinion on whether his supporters and friends can hold a fundraiser for him, to repay an outstanding legal bill. To read the request from Judge Wheale, click here.

News 12 will be following the developments from the hearing in Atlanta.

Also at Thursday's hearing, Ethics Commissioners will take up the matter involving Chairman of the State Board of Regents, Tim Shelnut. You may remember Mr. Shelnut sent a letter to the Ethics Commission, telling them he'd given personal contributions to candidates and not reported the contributions as required. The Commission will decide whether or not to further investigate Mr. Shelnut's contributions.

Mr. Shelnut also sent a similar letter to the Insurance Commissioner's office, as he is also a licensed insurance agent. Click here to read Mr. Shelnut's letter to News 12.

The matter involving Mr. Shelnut came to light during the trial involving former State School Superintendent Linda Schrenko.