Augusta Salvation Army needs donations

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We all know Christmas is the season for giving, but Augusta's Salvation Army needs your holiday spirit now.

Donations can't come soon enough for the Salvation Army. It's only June and the center says their resources for the entire year are so depleted that they are now in a crisis.

James Williams is in the Salvation Army's substance abuse program. He works in the kitchen to give back to a program that is helping him through his darkest days.

"This is my second time here," he says. "I came last summer and took it for granted. Now I know why I am here."

And he wants to reach out to others to come and get help.

"To the ones out there like me, don't be afraid to come on in and let them help you. Look what they have done for me."

But this summer the Salvation Army needs help.

"The disaster season caused a lot of donations to be allocated to the Katrina effort, and we lost some funding at Christmastime which usually gets us through the summer months," explains Tracie Parker-Bishop of the Salvation Army.

Without extra holiday cushion money usually set aside to help this time of year, the Salvation Army needs everything: clothing, food, vehicles, and money.

Community confusion over the upcoming Kroc Center may be hurting donations.

"There seems to be a misunderstanding in the community that the Kroc Center supports our program and services, which they don't," Parker-Bishop says. "It's an entirely new facility and does not support clients that need us every day on a daily basis."

For a center down hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, help cannot come soon enough.

"I just want to plead to the community to remember the people in need all summer long, and if they can find it in their heart, to donate," says Parker-Bishop.

If you'd like to help, you can donate to the Salvation Army by calling 706-826-7933.

To make a donation to the augusta salvation army online, click here.