John Pike to serve as teacher, not principal, next school year

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Greenbrier Elementary principal John Pike has been demoted to a teacher.

Pike and his lawyer appeared before the Columbia County school board in a public hearing Monday, June 26. Superintendent Tommy Price and his attorney brought forth charges that Pike neglected his duties and violated the code of ethics.

Pike was already on probation after school finances came into question during the 2005 school year, and several members of the Greenbrier staff were set to testify against him, claiming he made the workplace uncomfortable.

The lawyers reached an agreement. Pike will spend the 2006-07 school year as a teacher.

"I'm happy with how it came out, thank you very much," Pike said.

"I was a little unhappy to see a community so divided, and I hope something like this will help unify the community and start the healing process at Greenbrier Elementary," said school board member Mike Sleeper.

According to school board documents, Principal Pike does not accept all the allegations against him, but admits he handled some concerns inappropriately. Pike will keep his principal's salary next year. The school he will teach at is still undetermined.