Waynesboro woman stabbed to death by friend

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A heated argument between neighbors and friends turns deadly in Burke County.

It happened Thursday night, June 22, around 10 o'clock on the 700 block of Savannah Avenue. That's just off Highway 56.

It was the last thing neighbors expected from two neighbors who called themselves friends.

41-year-old Gloria Diane Cooper lives on Savannah Avenue in Waynesboro. Her friend, 39-year-old Deborah Bostic lived right next door.

Now one of them is dead and the other in jail.

Cooper is facing murder charges, all over a heated argument that took a deadly turn.

"Started between two neighbors fighting, over another juvenile fight," says Lt. Benning of the Waynesboro Police Department

Officers say neighbors called police around 10 o'clock Thursday night.

According to investigators, Cooper pulled out a knife and stabbed her friend to death.

Cooper was arrested more than four hours later.

Neighbors who've lived here almost all their lives say it's a scene they don't see here that often...in fact, it's been almost two years since the last murder here in Burke County.

An autopsy is expected June 24, and the GBI is now investigating.

Gloria Cooper is being held in the Burke County Jail on murder charges.