Laminated windows may deter smash and grab thieves

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What if a thief could break your window, but still not get into your home or business?

Sounds like a great way to protect yourself.

And it's a new tool for people in the Augusta area.

Breaking a window to get into a home or business is one of the most common types of burglaries.

It happened at the BP on Gordon Highway, where Richmond County deputies found a broken window and a concrete block inside. The thieves took several cases of beer.

Smashes have often been a problem downtown. Earlier this month, a burglar broke the window to the office of the Downtown Development Authority office to get in.

So how can you protect your home or business from smash and grab thieves?

One business owner thinks he has the solution to preventing smash and grabs...and the protection is as thin as a piece of paper.

Matthew Snowden of Storm and Security Specialists says he has the answer to stopping smash and grab burglaries.

His business laminates windows, making it almost impossible to penetrate them.

"It allows the glass to stay intact so they can't get through," Snowden says.

Snowden laminates windows with a polyester film. The longer it sits, the harder it is to break.

And repeatedly hitting over and over still does not penetrate the window. The protective film holds the shattered glass intact.

We tried ourselves to break through the window with a bat. While the glass broke, the laminate held the pieces in place. We couldn't get through.

"They can throw a cinderblock through it, it will break it, but they will have to pick it up numerous times to get at it," Snowden says.

He says it is all about deterring criminals.

"If they have to stand out there and beat for more than ten or fifteen minutes on a piece of glass, hopefully that's going to deter them with all the noise they are making."

And not only is this protective layer great in trying to prevent smash and grabs...but Snowden says it is also good in stopping flying debris from breaking out windows during severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes.

To learn more about the polyester laminate, visit the Storm and Security Specialists website at