40 groups work to help Avondale employees

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About 40 groups are trying to help over 1000 textile workers who will soon lose their jobs at Avondale Mills in Graniteville.

The employees will lose more than their jobs...

"Medical is more critical, because there's not just one program to help with medical and insurance needs they may have," says Development Administrator director Sam Jordan. Jordan says medical and about 40 other service organizations are teaming up to help while the people are unemployed and to help them get re-employed.

"You have people with various needs to move to the next job...some will need serious training."

All the groups will come together under one roof in a temporary transition center that will stay open between six months and two years.

The roughly 1600 employees at Avondale Mills live all across the CSRA, so One Stop will build the transition center in a place convenient for everyone.

One Stop is a federal program that helps the labor force, with multiple locations in Georgia and South Carolina. This region gets about $2 million to help workers in need, and Jordan says there's more available in extreme cases like this.

"It's going to be...at one time to handle that many people, you never have that many job openings in a community," Jordan says.

But he says their goal is to make it happen.

"We would hope anyone with interest in a new job will go into a new job."

Placing people quickly...so they won't be without a job, and their way of life, for long.