Fort Gordon hosts annual Golden Medic training

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Training soldiers in real life scenarios is especially important now as we face an ongoing war in Iraq.

Saturday, June 17, more than a thousand soldiers in the Army Reserves and the Air Force came to Fort Gordon to train in their annual Golden Medic program. Soldiers from as far as Puerto Rico and Germany are also participating. The 14-day program runs through June 24.

The soldiers are learning valuable lessons they could never have been taught in a classroom.

Real or fake, the lesson is the same.

In the training, injured patients from a simulated war were brought in both by air and on the ground, allowing soldiers a chance to get what most of them on the battlefield do not: a practice run.

Those who've fought in the wars in the Middle East say it's as close to the real thing as it can get.

"If you're in Iraq, it's brown instead of green, but you still have the same thing," says Staff Sgt. Buckley.

It's why this medical training exercise is especially important for soldiers.

"They base it on the information they receive in Iraq to make the training as realistic as possible," says observer/trainer Scott Forbes.

It's a valuable exercise that may someday bring more soldiers back home.