Fallen power lines cause electrical fire at Belvedere daycare

An electrical fire after last night's storm at a daycare in Aiken County is now raising new questions today--mainly, is the power company at fault?

Just standing outside King's Kids Daycare in Belvedere, you may not be able to tell there was a storm last night, much less a fire.

But inside, there was some serious damage...damage that owners of this daycare think the power company should pay for. They say power lines should have never been hanging over the building.

"We're just trying to believe that hopefully we can get this center open as fast as we can, so were just working hard and trying to keep our kids here," says owner Melissa Boyd.

They're without power, and, for now, without the children they care for. Instead they're left with a mess from a fire that gutted the roof of the building.

It's believed this fire started Tuesday night as a result of the storm. They believe the wind knocked down an active power line on the top of the daycare.

"I don't understand how the power line just fell down like that," says parent Tiffany Reynolds. "Makes you wonder, things can happen in the spur of the moment you know."

No one was in the center when the fire started, but Boyd questions why power lines were running directly over the daycare, and why trees were touching the lines. These are things she says the power company, SCE&G, should have looked out for.

"It sounds like they are going to take responsibility, but I guess we'll just have to follow through and make sure they do, because it's definitely their responsibility," she says.

SCE&G claims officials were out investigating the damage, and brought in a truck to move the remaining power lines from over the building. We asked them why the lines were there in the first place and if they could be liable, but we got no answer.

SCE&G officials tell us their investigation could take a week or more, but a spokesperson with the company tells us they had proper clearance for the power lines to be over the building. They do, however, take responsibility for trees touching the lines.

About 80 children attend this daycare. Right now we're told some of the teachers are keeping children in their homes.

The daycare is expected to reopen sometime next week.