Tommy Moore votes

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Tommy Moore and his wife have spent thirty years in the political spotlight, and now the Aiken County legislator hopes to take on the entire state.

They've voted in their hometown for three decades of elections.

After months of campaigning, Senator Tommy Moore and his wife Dale "made their vote count" in the race for governor.

"I told him this morning I would vote for him," Dale laughed, "as long as he takes out the trash!"

But Dale had a last-minute scare with the electronic ballot.

"I did his name, but when I went to review it, it came up I voted for the guy above him."

She was able to fix the problem, and husband and wife spent the rest of the morning talking to their long-time neighbors and friends.

"I think a lot of people are locally voting in the Democratic primary for me, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that," Tommy Moore said.

Statewide, the Republican primary turnout doubled the Democratic in 2004 according to the Board of Elections...but voters lined up for the Democratic ticket at Senator Moore's precinct.

"This has been a unique experience statewide...and it's been a pleasure," said Senator Moore.

Senator Moore cast his vote...and the couple planned to spend the rest of the day doing some last minute campaigning.

"I'd rather go fishing," Dale laughed. "Every time he runs I tell him I'd rather go fishing."

Both say it's been a great experience either way.

"It's in the hands of the voters...I accept it one way or the other," Senator Moore said.

Moore plans to campaign up until the polls close at 7:00...and then the couple will watch the results come in at the Clarion Hotel.