Teacher accused of cruelty to children

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30-year old Dr. Maurice Wallace, a teacher at Sego Middle School, was arrested June 7 on a grand jury arrest warrant. He is currently out on bond.

Some students say Wallace encouraged bigger kids to physically abuse others in a school closet.

News 12 is on your side with where investigators are in this case...and why Wallace was allowed to finish out the year.

From the classroom to the courtroom.

Former Sego Middle School teacher Maurice Wallace now faces charges of cruelty to children.

"This is actually the first time I've had anything even close to resembling this type of incident," says investigator Greg Newsome, who was originally assigned the case.

At least two seventh grade students accuse Wallace of allowing--even suggesting--that eighth grade students use physical force to discipline them.

It was news that sparked a rally at the board of education last week in which parents protested the manner in which the school system handled the allegations.

Several offices have had their hands in this case: the Richmond County sheriff's office, the school administration and now the District Attorney.

Newsome admits the DA became involved due to the sensitive nature of the case.

"Because it's a school teacher, we just can't go apply for a warrant through the warrant office like we could if it was just a citizen," Inv. Newsome says.

But while Wallace remains behind bars, parents continue to wonder: why was he allowed to finish out the year? After all, the allegations surfaced before the last day of school.

"I guess that's a judgment call that the administration made," says board member A.K. Hasan. "I'm not going to second guess it at this point since it is something that's behind us."

Perhaps in chronological terms it is, but the impact of such stories is long lasting.

We spoke with one of the victims' mothers on the phone June 8. She said she could not comment on the arrest because the case is ongoing.