Richmond Co. BOE abolishes Public Information Office

After nearly a four hour meeting Thursday night, there was a major shake-up in the Richmond County Board of Education.

The school board's director of public information Mechelle Jordan has offered her resignation and her department is being abolished.

School board member Helen Minchew says it's a money-saving measure.

"It's not easy. It's why we spend all this time meeting and discussing, going into executive sessions," Minchew said. "It's a lot to entail, coming up with these various decisions. But again, we're trying our best to look at the budget. Trying to keep from having to go to the tax tap."

In a letter to board members, Mechelle Jordan said she's looking for another job, out of town.

She'll be reassigned to another position in the school system through the end of the year.

Minchew says there could be more job cuts still to come.

There's another budget meeting set for Tuesday, June 13.