Richmond County deputies handle second standoff in one day

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Monday, June 5 saw two police standoffs in Augusta. The first happened at a home in New Milledgeville Road; click here for the story.

The second took place in the Lake Olmstead area, at the 2000 block of Clark Street.

The call came in the sheriff's office around 3:30 Monday afternoon, and even though the negotiations team was able to talk their way into a peaceful surrender, neighbors say it was the longest two hours of their lives.

Police flooded the streets while ambulances stand by preparing for the worst.

"Really wild...really wild," said resident Jim Brown.

"I was at work. My brother called and said bunch of police, so I stayed at work an extra hour," resident Oscar Hopkins said.

It's something these neighbors had never seen before on Clark Street: the road entirely blocked off as police stood guard.

It left neighbors scared and confused.

"I seen guys...I knew it was one or the other, either a robbery or a bad scene," Brown said.

Investigators say a woman called the sheriff's office claiming two young men from her neighborhood came to her house, at which point she says she learned they may have been responsible for an armed robbery last week.

Once the first deputies arrived on the scene, both of the suspects ran out of the back of the house.

"Deputies in rear saw they were armed with an unknown black handgun when subject saw deputies they both fled back into house," said Richmond County Sheriff's Inv. Blaise Dresser.

That's when both the SWAT and negotiations teams were called in.

"Able to get one to surrender. After one surrendered, the second was taken into custody," Inv. Dresser said. "I believe he was in the attic of the residence."

17-year-old James Mills and another juvenile male were taken into custody.

No one was injured during the standoff.