Grandmother passes GED exam

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Tonight more than 100 students will graduate with their GED from Augusta Tech.

More and more people are returning to school to get their high school equivalency diplomas. Augusta ranks third in the state with the number of GED graduates.

And now a grandmother of five plans to walk that walk and receive her dream.

Frances Crowder dropped out of school in the 7th grade.

After raising two children and helping to raise two of her five grandchildren, she was determined to go back and get her GED.

"Finally after I raised two of my grandchildren, I am going to do it myself this time," Frances said.

Frances spent five days a week in class, even tutoring after class...facing any obstacles head on.

Augusta Tech's adult literacy director, Howie Gunby, sees students like Frances all of the time.

"Some of them have so many barriers, obstacles to overcome, and they did it," Gunby said.

"A lot of the work they gave me, I'd never seen it," Frances said.

Augusta tech ranks third in the state with the number of GED graduates. 1135 students passed the GED exam.

"There was a report released on April 1 that shows that the majority come for self-satisfaction and some to get a better job," Gunby said.

"I was determined to do it, and I knew I could do it," said Frances.

The support of family and friends had a hand in helping her with her dream.

"They'll be taking my picture when I go cross stage and say I got it."

Augusta Tech's GED graduation will be held at 7 p.m. at the Gilbert Lambuth Chapel.

Domonique Benn is the speaker for the event.