Aiken County simplifies car tax, tag process

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Renewing your car tags in Aiken County just got a lot faster.

News 12's Kristen Cosby looks at the new process in the quest for the little sticker.

A lunch break of errands just got a lot simpler for Natalie Jones.

She went to the treasurer's office to pay her car tax.

As usual, her next stop was the DMV to turn in her receipt for her new decal.

But she got some good news.

"You're going to get your sticker today too," said the tax office clerk.

And in less than a minute, Natalie's errands were over.

"It's a lot of trips to do on a lunch break," Natalie says. "It's much more convenient to do everything here."

"It's great for the taxpayer," says Aiken County Treasurer Linda Sharpe. For her employees, transactions only take about 15 seconds longer.

If you mail in your payment, it will also be faster.

Before, the decals came from Columbia, but now they're straight from Aiken.

"They'll get their decal, put it on their car and away they go," says Sharpe.

It's one-stop shopping for Aiken County drivers that's making life just a little bit easier.