Steven Kendrick files intent to run for mayor

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There are six more months before Augusta's mayoral election, and more potential candidates are filing intent cards to run for the office.

News 12's Domonique Benn talks with the latest candidate and political newcomer vying for the mayor's seat.

Augusta businessman Steven Kendrick makes it official that he will start raising money for his campaign for mayor.

He wants to bring a fresh face with fresh ideas.

"I think we need to be very studious and very careful that we are fair to all of our citizens--that everyone feels they are included in our government," he says.

Board of elections director Lynn Bailey says before candidates can raise money, they must fill out an intent card.

"Right now we have two such forms on file for perspective candidates," she told News 12.

Incumbent Deke Copenhaver does not have to file for intent since he is the incumbent.

Other than political newcomer Kendrick, William "Gil" Gilyard is the only potential candidate to file.

"Georgia law says that in order to accept campaign contributions, you have to put the filing officer on notice that you are out there collecting funds, and in this case the local elections office, and it also requires that you register your campaign with the Secretary of State's Office," Bailey explained.

And now that Steven Kendrick has filed his intention, he'll spend his time convincing 90,000 registered voters that he is the right candidate.

"That's one of the skills that our mayor must have," Kendrick says. "If our mayor is not a salesperson who can take a product and say here's what's great about this product and here's why it helps you, then we are destined to keep going in the direction we are now."

And Kendrick says he feels his leadership will be effective.

Steve Kendrick plans to make his formal announcement at the rear of the Municipal Building at 12:30 on Monday.