Clemson students mourn death of schoolmate

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It is now day 6 of the investigation into a Clemson student's murder, and still many questions go unanswered.

News 12's Meredith Taylor spoke with a schoolmate of Tiffany Souers who says the people close to her hope for answers soon.

Good friends, football and a beautiful college campus...

The death of Clemson University junior Tiffany Souers brings tragedy to an almost perfect setting.

"There's no real explanation of why this happened to her," says fellow student Steven Weber.

Word spread almost like wildfire after Tiffany was found strangled to death at her off campus apartment Friday.

Now fellow students, like Steven Weber, hope Tiffany's killer will be caught just as quickly.

But six days into the investigation, no suspect...and the story is making national headlines.

While tiffany's college family and family at home in missouri wait for answers, she's living on, through memories.

"The fact that she was in a hard major and very involved in the community," Weber said. "Also her friends enjoyed her and she like to go out and have a good time. I've heard nothing but good things about her."

"I know she was such a good person," said Tiffany's mother, Brenda Souers. "She probably had the express lane to heaven."

The people she left behind are now evaluating what comes next.

"I'm sure that there is tons of support going out to the family as there should be and I think that's something special about Clemson. People will get through the situation," Weber said.

Tiffany Souers will be buried in Missouri Thursday.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 864 639-4020.