Hotel robbery suspect caught after escaping detention center

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A man in jail on charges of robbery managed to escape from the Richmond County Law Enforcement Center last night.

Tommy Griffey didn't get very far before he was back in custody.

Back in April, the robbery suspect had hotel clerks on guard after a series of robberies at four different hotels in the CSRA.

Hotel security cameras caught him back in April.

Investigators considered him a danger, and hotel clerks were on guard.

Tommy Griffey is now in jail charged with those robberies...and now he could be looking at more charges.

Investigators say he managed to escape from the Richmond County Law Enforcement Center Sunday night, May 28, around 9:30.

Lt. Scott Peebles considered him to be a danger as officers searched for him in April.

Investigators say Griffey didn't get very far. He was found hiding in a bush on 4th and Telfair, about 400 yards from the law enforcement center.

Sheriff Ronnie Strength says a mistake by a jailer allowed Griffey to escape. The incident is still under investigation, but the sheriff says a policy was violated and two doors that are not allowed to be open at the same time were both open. Griffey got through those doors and then scaled a 25 foot fence before he ran down 4th Street, where he was found in the bushes.

The sheriff says there will be disciplinary action against the jailer involved.