Music festival food vendors hit first day roadblock

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Some of the food vendors at the James Brown Musical Festival hit a roadblock as they prepared to light their grills.

Friday morning the health inspectors and fire inspectors were called out to give the all clear to the food vendors.

One health inspector told Angela Booker that her grill had to be under a tent. They told Booker the move was meant to prevent flies and bird droppings.

However, fire inspectors were on hand to make sure those grills would not be a fire hazard if they were moved under the tents.

"The lady that came out to inspect said the grill had to be underneath a tent and closed in," Booker said. "Our problem with that is that this grill gets up to 500 degrees and smoke comes out the top."

"The fire department, they came through here and said having a tent over a grill is a fire hazard and they're here for the fire hazard," said vendor Patrice Bryson.

At last check, Booker said that everything had been worked out.