News 12 talks with Tommy Moore

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Election day will be here before you know it.

June 13 is the primary election in South Carolina.

Only on 12...Stephanie Baker sat down with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tommy Moore.

Senator Moore is a local candidate, from the Midland Valley of Aiken County. He served the General Assembly as both a House representative and senator. Now he hopes to lead the entire state.

From Aiken County to the Statehouse.

"Who would have thought that a kid from a mill village in Aiken County would have the opportunity to run for governor of South Carolina?" Moore says.

He comes from a working family: his mom at a mill, his dad a barber.

"We all had jobs, we all had responsibilities," says Moore.

Now Moore has his own family...and his own local Aiken County business.

"I started my own business from scratch. I've been very blessed, but it wasn't handed to me. I didn't inherit it."

On top of the working background, Moore spent 27 years as a state legislator for District 25. That's Aiken, Edgefield, McCormick, and part of Saluda.

Here's his goal for the entire state.

"I've spent over two decades working with people to get things done...We have differences of opinion, different ideas, but you get to a table and say, 'Guys, look: you have some great ideas and we have some ideas, let's sit down and work this out...and move South Carolina forward'."

Moore told News 12 a little bit about his campaign platform.

He is traveling across the state to talk about the issues. One of those is equal access to healthcare, including the half million children on Medicaid.

"If he closes to Medicaid, that doesn't mean you're going to stop wanting your kid to be treated, so you're going to carry your kid to the hospital where you'll pay ten times for those services."

Moore is one of 100,000 small business owners in the state. He says only about 30 percent can afford health insurance, and increasing the $0.07 cigarette tax would help.

"Dedicate a portion of that revenue to subsidize small businesses to allow their employees to have health insurance."

Next is education. Sen. Moore wants equal funding for public schools.

"Eventually this state has got to assume the responsibility of funding all public schools unilaterally, or universally, if you will."

Investing in preschools is another change.

"It looks like, to me, just a little bit of thought and investment could change a whole generation."

And Moore also wants more in the budget for public colleges and universities.

"When we're competing with our sister states for jobs and economic development, we're automatically behind the curve."

That, and funding the Department of Commerce, is part of Moore's plan to curb the 7 percent unemployment rate.

"1900 to 2200 jobs here locally, boom, because of the Avondale closing."

Healthcare, education, and jobs are three main issues in Tommy Moore's run for governor.

June 13th is the primary election, and voters will choose the governor on November 7. Here is a list of the candidates currently in the running.

On the Democratic ticket: Dennis Aughtry, Frank Willis, and Tommy Moore.

On the Republican ticket: Oscar Lovelace and the current governor, Mark Sanford.