3 local high schools in Newsweek's top 5% of US high schools

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Three local high schools are at the top of their class.

Newsweek Magazine ranked Davidson, Aiken and South Aiken High Schools in the top 5 percent of high schools in the country.

And everyone is celebrating.

At Aiken High School, kids are giddy about the last day of school.

But moms are celebrating their school's good grade.

"They're really taking care of the kids, and when something's wrong they let us, the parents, know," says parent Nubia Campos.

Newsweek's rankings are based on a school's offering of advanced placement, or AP classes, and how many of the school's seniors pass the AP classes.

At South Aiken that means strategy.

"We're making an effort to coordinate our AP classes and recruit students into them starting in the 9th grade," says South Aiken principal Janice Nashatker.

And in a place where social lives are very important, at South Aiken, they encourage students to take AP classes with a friend.

Davidson High School is never afraid to shout their success.

"We must be doing something right," says student Hayley Landis.

Their rank, number 363, is a new addition.

"I looked at the list, and I checked it a couple of times, and I was sure we should be on there," says Davidson assistant principal Renee Kelly.

So Kelly contacted Newsweek.

The school's good stats qualified them to be added in.

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