Teacher who filed harassment suit against superintendent has disciplinary record

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Criticism of Richmond County Schools Superintendent Dr. Larke has made its way into Augusta's federal court.

T.W. Josey High School teacher Lori Myles filed a lawsuit in federal court against Dr. Larke.

Myles says the superintendent made sexual advances toward her during a job-related conference in Jamaica.

Only on 12...News 12's Domonique Benn has been investigating and found Lori Myles has a disciplinary record.

Lori Myles has a paper trail leading back to her.

At least 10 disciplinary reports have been filed against her at the school level.

Things like not returning or maintaining equipment and not reporting absences.

One of the most shocking reports states that Myles trashed her own classroom in 2004 when she learned that an internal investigation two years ago focused on her.

According to Richmond County Board Public Information Officer Mechelle Jordan, Internal Affairs was called to Lori Myles' classroom in June of 2004.

They believe Myles trashed her own room after learning of an investigation into allegations she was selling grades.

Myles was cleared of selling grades.

However, at least ten other written requests have been filed on Myles, for things like not following the dress code and not maintaining paperwork for the DCT program.

Josey could have been cited for in a state department review for that paperwork lapse.

"You can tell by her file that she was informed about the things in her file," says Jordan.

On at least two occasions, Principal Quentin Motley wrote the assistant superintendent of administration asking that Lori Myles be transferred from his school.

Motley says Myles refused to leave his office after a conference, and he called Richmond County's Public Safety Department.

He says it happened again on another occasion after a conference in 2004.

Principal Motley says Lori Myles made statements against him and two other colleagues that were untrue and would only cause continued friction if she weren't removed.

Lori Myles says that Superintendent Dr. Charles Larke is standing in the way of her getting a promotion.

But if her recommendation made it past committee, some wonder if her file would stand in the way.

"Once the top two have been looked at, their supervisors, their principal, would be contacted for recommendation. At that time any incidences at the school level may come into play," Jordan says.

News 12 spoke with Lori Myles today before she knew we had her file.

She said she wasn't aware of anything in her file.

We tried to call her back after we went through this file, but she could not be reached. In fact, she is recommending any inquiries be made to her Atlanta-based attorney.

During the 2004 school year, Nanette Barnes, another Lori Myles supervisor, writes in a letter to the principal that after walking through her department it was brought to her attention that Myles was not in compliance in reference to her DCT program.

Barnes adds in the letter to the principal that she did not want Josey cited by the state.