James Brown to perform at James Brown Soul of America Music Festival

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The Godfather of Soul makes it official.

James Brown will perform in Augusta during the first ever James Brown Soul of America Music Festival.

The cat is officially out of the bag. We just got confirmation from the chairman of the festival's exhibition committee that the Godfather of Soul will perform Saturday at the event named in his honor.

After months of speculation on whether or not the festival would even happen, it seems everything is now falling into place for organizers.

We are told James Brown will be performing three songs, including the classics "I Feel Good", "Sex Machine", and "Cold Sweat".

James Brown's regular band will not perform; Brown will be backed up by his number one tribute band, the Tony Wilson Band.

The band says they will be ready for anything.

"I've got a lot of musicians coming out to support this and I'm really glad Mr. Brown chose to do it...so the music has to be right," says Tony Wilson.

From what we understand, James Brown will perform on Saturday at 6 p.m.