5 Richmond County sex offenders unaccounted for

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Who are they...and more importantly, where are they?

In a News 12 investigation, we check the status of sex offenders in Richmond County, and why some have fallen off the radar.

Police reports indicate that only five out of two hundred sex offenders have failed to register...not bad. But even though they're out of sight, they're not out of mind.

Tracking sexual offenders is an around the clock job...and it's not easy.

"On the registry now we've got approximately 207 sex offenders," says Inv. Ron Sylvester of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

That means 207 bodies to monitor in Richmond County.

As we found out, since January 1, 2006, five offenders have failed to register...leaving police unsure of their whereabouts in our area.

Take Terrance Williams and Christopher Simmons, last known to be living at the Adams Inn.

The manager tells us they left several months ago.

"You have your offenders who comply to the letter, and you have those who just do not and will not comply," Inv. Sylvester says.

Russell Massey is a registered offender, but we couldn't find him.

The motel staff at his address found he checked out last January. He was only there for six nights.

It turns out Mr. Massey's current listed address is not only inaccurate, it's illegal. 150 feet from the motel where he was staying is an elementary school playground.

Inv. Sylvester admits while some do slip through the cracks, the department knows where 98 percent of its registered sex offenders call home.

"And I personally go out and do checks on them," he says.

Believe it or not, Inv. Sylvester tackles these address checks alone, oftentimes checking all 200 offenders in under 30 days. He is very busy and could use your help. If you know where Terrance Williams or Christopher Simmons might be, contact the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.