Civic Center GM resigns

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They've been without a leader before, and now the Richmond County Civic Center is once again left looking for another general manager.

News 12's Domonique Benn talked with general manager Larry Rogers and Coliseum Authority members to find out what led to this conclusion.

It's been three years since Larry Rogers became general manager of the Richmond County Civic Center.

There's been a lot of frustration between Rogers and Coliseum Authority members, something he spells out in this resignation letter: "I feel like I was just getting too much interference."

Rogers partly blames Authority members for too much micromanaging. But authority members say Rogers isn't getting the job done in bringing in the big name shows on a constant basis.

"Some of the frustrations we have, we need to get shows. We need to stay busy. When we stay busy we make dollars and tax payers are happy," says member Bernard Harper.

"Larry did need to be more aggressive as far as getting big shows down here," says Authority chairman Harry Moore.

Moore adds the upper level seating needs to be replaced.

Janice Jenkins has been on the board for about three months. She says it all boils down to promoting the venue.

"If the marketing was there and the gung ho attitude was there, then maybe things would have been brought in," she says.

"We felt the building can do better and we as a board can do better," says Harper.

But Rogers says bookings are up 30 percent and the civic center is $400,000 under budget for this year.

"Our events are up 30 percent over the last year. I mean, what is enough? I mean, how many is enough?" he asks.

"We are up 30% from last year, so Larry was getting shows in here, but we wanted more of the bigger shows," Moore says.

Rogers says he wants to leave the same way he came: integrity intact.

He gave 60 days notice. During that time he says he will help with the transition.

On June 6 a search committee of authority members will meet to discuss what steps are next as far as finding management for the Civic Center.