Teen driver cuts off school bus, forces it into ditch

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It was a scary ride home for some Cross Creek students Monday afternoon, as a fellow classmate cut in front of their bus, sending it into a ditch.

It happened in the 2300 block of Tobacco Road.

Imagine you're a parent and you just got a call your child's been in a bus accident. Dozens of Richmond County parents got that call Monday.

The teenage driver of a black truck is accused of cutting the bus off while trying to pass.

You can only imagine how scary it must have been for both drivers, facing oncoming traffic from a roadside ditch.

And even scarier for the dozens of students forced to evacuate their bus.

"One or two kids looked like they may have had some broken bones, you know, holding their sides," said Jesse Pague, who lives nearby.

Miraculously only three of them were taken off on stretchers, transported to University Hospital and treated for just minor injuries.

The teenage driver accused of causing the wreck, a 17-year old Cross Creek student, was also taken to University.

"He's ok and I'm on my way to the hospital now," his mother told News 12. "I know the truck looks bad but I'm glad he ain't busted up, you know, he just havin' problems with his head."

The young man was given a citation by deputies for an improper lane change.