Tim Shelnut clarifies state campaign law violations

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How much did he give and when did he give it?

Regent Chair Tim Shelnut tells News 12 he wants to clarify what kinds of state campaign laws he violated.

Earlier News 12 reported he'd notified the state ethics commission and the insurance commissioner of violations.

Mr. Shelnut wrote a letter to News 12 detailing the violations, saying they were intentionally made.

In the letter, he says, "Each violation of state campaign contribution limits is serious, and I take the violations seriously."

He goes on to say that prior to 1998, the amount by which he exceeded campaign limits approximated $15,000.

In 1998, he says he exceeded limits by $4,000; in 1999, by $13,000; in 2000 by $9000; in 2001, by $4,000; in 2002, by $5,000; and in 2004, by $9,260.

He says he's made the disclosures as the result of a US Attorney's Office investigation.

State House Representative Sue Burmeister's name also came up in opening arguments in the Linda Schrenko trial.

News 12 spoke with Ms. Burmeister briefly Monday.

Representative Burmeister said she's done nothing wrong. She says she did write several checks to Linda Schrenko's campaign, though she says she doesn't recall how much, or how many checks she wrote.

Schrenko testified Merle Temple gave Burmeister cash that went back into Schrenko's campaign in the form of checks.