Augustans head out to see The Da Vinci Code

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It's a film so controversial it's been banned all over the world...but not in the United States.

Dan Brown's bestseller The Da Vinci Code is hitting the big screen today, with 40 showings in our local theaters.

News 12's Kate Tillotson went to opening night at the Regal 20 cinemas at the Augusta Exchange to get viewer reactions.

Ron Howard's movie starring Tom Hanks is taking over 11,000 movie screens nationwide after some sharp criticism from Catholics who say Hollywood is misleading its movie-goers.

The spy thriller about a small Catholic group called Opus Dei is centered on a religious cover-up--a conspiracy to find a hidden holy grail.

Villains are brought to life by an evil monk albino, and Opus Dei is depicted as a brainwashing secret society.

This has some Catholics up in arms. They say Sony Pictures is sensationalizing their religion.

So do audiences think this is fact or fiction?

"Whatever I see here, I can go back and find it in the Bible. If I don't find it in the Bible, then obviously it's fiction," Roberto Valentin told News 12 on his way to see the film.

Opus Dei asked Sony Pictures to add a disclaimer to this movie, but it was never added.

Director Ron Howard said even though this is a work of fiction, spy thrillers do not start off with disclaimers.