Husband of woman missing for two months speaks out

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Where is Deborah Dill?

That's what her daughter wants to know after her disappearance two months ago.

Richmond County investigators believe foul play is involved in the disappearance of 48-year-old Deborah Dill.

It's been two months since anyone has seen or heard her from Deborah.

And while investigators say Deborah's husband John Dill has stopped cooperating with them, John did talk to News 12 about his wife who seemed to vanish.

Family members say 48-year-old Deborah Dill would not stay gone this long.

It's been two months since daughter Amanda Daniels has heard from her mother.

"It's not like her to disappear like this," Amanda says.

No one seems to know where she is, not even her husband John.

Deborah and John married last December.

The two have had a rocky relationship. Investigators have taken family violence reports at their home on numerous occasions.

"The last thing she said is, 'If you leave I won't be here when you get back,' and I didn't believe her," John told News 12. "A lot of her stuff was gone; I just assumed that she left me."

Richmond County Sheriff's Lt. Scott Peebles says John Dill has not be eliminated as a fact, Dill has stopped cooperating with police.

"The fact that she had been missing a month before she had been reported missing only from her family," Lt. Peebles says. "And that her husband never reported her missing at all."

"I have been as cooperative as I can, but there is a point where I'm not going to let them push me into something where I feel like I'm guilty of something," John Dill said.

In an incident report filed 6 months before the Dills were married, Deborah said her soon-to-be husband told her, "I will take care of you before I let my family suffer from this, and I might go to jail but you are going to hell."

We asked John if he remembered saying that to Deborah.

"Yes, I did," John said.

"Obviously we can't discount the things reported to us in the four plus incident reports that we have involving the disputes between the two of them," says Lt. Peebles.

John Dill is not a suspect in this case, but he has not been eliminated.

If you know anything about Deborah Dill's disappearance, call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office at 706-821-1080.