Fort Gordon runs terror attack simulation

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Fort Gordon emergency responders spent the day testing their anti-terrorism plan. It's an exercise that's been done before, but it's good to do again because it means your safety.

News 12's Meredith Taylor was there.

In today's scenario, firefighters, medics, and military police took care of more than two dozen people who had inhaled something deadly after two men pretending to make a delivery to the water treatment plant set off a bomb.

"We saw it happen in Graniteville, people being exposed to chemical agents, and in other countries too," says LTC Richard Karlsson, director of emergency services. "We just want to make sure we're prepared at home."

The decontamination truck and the HAZMAT suits used in the simulation are all real...and all had to be used in last year's train wreck and chlorine spill in Graniteville that killed 9 people.

These simulations are nothing new, but each time it allows emergency workers to brush up on life saving skills.

A dangerous scenario played out with hopes that it's only a rehearsal.

"There are threats out there, but we have folks that are ready to respond," LTC Karlsson says.

There were 10 mannequins and 15 soldiers in the simulation.

The soldiers helped to track the performance of the firefighters, medics, and police.

These exercises are done twice a year.