Drive-by shooting sends man to hospital

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Officers are still recovering evidence from a drive-by shooting that happened this afternoon at 1702 Martin Luther King Boulevard.

17-year-old John Willie Tanksley, Jr. was shot while standing in front of the Beauty & Beyond 98 Cent Store.

Officers say this could be gang-related.

Sayed Hasan owns Beauty & Beyond, and this is what he heard.

"Boom boom boom, then the guy came from outside to inside. He say, 'Call the police, call the police'."

Before they could call the police, Hasan says the man made it into the store, suffering from a gunshot wound.

"I see the blood," Hasan says.

Something else Hasan saw was a bullet hole that went through the wall and ripped packages hanging there. Investigator Paul Godden says the shots came from a semiautomatic weapon.

"We have a lot of evidence we're trying to recover right now, and hopefully it will point us in the right direction," Godden says.

Investigators spent the afternoon collecting evidence in front of the store.

Claude Brown lives nearby and says he's used to hearing gunshots.

"Sometimes they ride by and shoot and keep going," Brown says.

Investigators say it is a dangerous area, and they suspect this shooting could be gang-related...a situation Brown describes as "scary".

"I just wanna get back in the house and stay there," he says.

Hasan says they called the authorities as soon as they could, and the man sat by the counter screaming that his arm felt hot from the gunshot wound.

"I didn't see that before in my life!" Hasan says. He says he just moved in from Alabama.

Tanksley was taken to MCG, and officials believe the gunshot hit him in the arm.