Mother's Day weather fells trees in Appling

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Many folks in Appling spent the day May 15 cleaning up from Sunday's big storm.

The chainsaws were out in full on Ridge Road.

The storm pushed trees there to the ground.

There's lots of work to do in John Eubank's yard.

"I had asked the Lord to give me rain on my garden," he says, "and it came down all at once. Bam!"

Then limbs came tumbling down.

"I saw the top of that tree coming, and then the power went out."

The force knocked out Eubank's electricity and phone line.

Things were worse for neighbors. A maple tree came right up from the ground, destroying nearby pool furniture. The other trees in the yard were about the same.

Sunday's bad weather--thunderstorms and high winds--were caused by a high jet stream combined with a cold front.

Storms hit all over the area. A viewer from Waynesboro sent News 12 this picture of hail:

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The hail has now melted.

But it will take power tools to get rid of the rest of the mess.

A funnel cloud was reported in Columbia County. Eubank says he saw it.