Former Botes employee testifies software sold incomplete

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Two weeks into the federal trial for Linda Schrenko, we saw the guilty plea from the former state school superintendent and the arrest of her former deputy Merle Temple.

Friday, Schrenko spent the day at home in Augusta, but her name still came up in Atlanta federal court.

Jurors headed into the weekend with the testimony of a Stephan Botes employee who said he knew the money Linda Schrenko spent on software and services was a waste.

Doug Beezley worked for Stephan Botes' company CCSC in 2002, the year Schrenko wrote $614,000 in checks for both his companies. Beezley testified the software the then superintendent purchased still needed some work. He also said he didn't want to promise a product that couldn't deliver.

Testimony continues Monday, May 15, and we could have verdicts for the two defendants before the end of next week.

Temple has a detention and preliminary hearing Monday.

He was arrested for violating the terms of his plea agreement and staying in contact with Schrenko.

Schrenko recorded a conversation with him on tape and then turned it over to prosecutors.