Commissioners tour District 7, react to Foxhall area rezoning

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Augusta commissioners were back on the bus Thursday.

This time they toured District 7, which includes one subdivision that's been making some noise lately.

The mayor and nine of the ten commissioners were on board. Andy Cheek was the only commissioner not present.

That makes this the best-attended bus tour so far.

For three hours, commissioner Jerry Brigham played tour guide through his district, which includes most of west Augusta.

Brigham says his constituents are concerned about traffic problems along Washington and Davis roads and the many construction projects.

Getting a close eye from city leaders Thursday was land near Walton Way and I-20. That's where Atlanta developers want to build a big shopping center.

Those plans were halted when commissioners denied the rezoning request, but Judge Fleming overruled commissioners last Friday, May 5, siding with developers.

News 12 spoke with some of the city leaders Thursday about the judge reversing their decision.

"I do know we have to respect our judges, but I'm not absolutely certain he's qualified to do that," said commissioner Betty Beard.

"We're looking at whether were going to appeal that right now, so there's a possibility of an appeal, maybe, it depends on what the commission decides to do," said commissioner Brigham.

Commissioners are expected to decide next week if they will appeal or follow the judge's order. Judge Fleming has given them 60 days to rezone the land.

The tours have been going on for several months now. Two more are left: Districts 4 and 6.