Schrenko testifies

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Linda Schrenko took the stand Thursday in the federal trial for her two former co-defendants, South Africans Stephan Botes and Peter Steyn.

News 12's Laurie Ott was the only local reporter there for the dramatic start to testimony from the former superintendent herself.

Schrenko began testifying for the prosecution at 10:30 Thursday morning.

She pled guilty to 2 counts Wednesday in the very same courtroom...and she'll get 8 years in prison in that agreement.

The first thing Schrenko said on the stand was she'd pled guilty to 2 counts...and she said she'd committed conspiracy to defraud the Georgia Department of Education and to write contracts that would in some way benefit her campaign for governor.

Schrenko detailed the scheme for jurors Thursday. She said Merle Temple, her former deputy superintendent and friend, had come to her and said he'd be working for CCSC owner Stephan Botes. Schrenko testified Temple said Botes would pay him a commission for software he'd sell to schools. Schrenko also testified Temple told her he'd be giving all of that back to her campaign.

Then she testified she authorized that $614,000 in federal money to be spent on services and software she hadn't checked to see would be a good fit or even work for schoolchildren in Georgia.

Theodocian told News 12 he expects both he and Schrenko will be back in Augusta tonight.

Schrenko will return to Atlanta on July 12 to be sentenced to 8 years in federal prison.