Merle Temple arrested for obstruction of justice

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Merle Temple was arraigned on the 20th floor of the federal building in Atlanta on complaint of obstructing justice by contacting Schrenko after telling prosecutors on March 20 he would no longer do so.

The government charges Temple lied when he said he stopped communicating with Schrenko. A conversation between Temple and Schrenko was recorded last Tuesday. In that conversation, Temple said:

"I will help them on the Board stuff if he will wait and beat me up at the end. I'll help him on that."

"As long as you don't let Theodocian (Council for Schrenko) hurt me, then you and I are fine."

"I have not told everything, and I don't have to."

Temple arrived at court Wednesday wearing jeans and a T-shirt. He thought he was there to testify, but as soon as he entered the courthouse he was arrested.

Judge Janet King granted the prosecution's request for a hearing on Monday. Until then, Temple remains in federal custody. Prosecutors say he is a danger to himself and others and that there is a risk he might attempt to tamper with other witnesses.

It is unlikely that Temple will testify in the ongoing trial.