Augusta Municipal Golf Course may be sold

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The future of Augusta's Municipal Golf Course is up in the air.

Struggling finances and charges of racial discrimination are looming problems.

Augusta commissioners brought the issue up in committee Monday, May 8.

Lot of folks say this course use to be the place to play golf in Augusta, but it soon could be up for sale.

Today commissioners met in committee and decided to allow an independent third party to come in and evaluate the course.

Mayor Deke Copenhaver proposed selling the course and 10 other properties to remedy the city's budget shortfall.

City leaders say play at the course has decreased by nearly 30 percent over the years. That's resulted in the course being nearly a quarter million dollars over budget.

There have also been concerns about the upkeep of the greens, and even several allegations of racial discrimination. That has resulted in commissioners voting to start an investigation of the course.

News 12 spoke with the man in charge, Parks and Recreation Director Tom Beck, about those allegations.

"I have never gotten any written complains up there regarding any discrimination at the golf course," Beck said. "If I had, I would have addressed it immediately."

Augusta Municipal Golf Course lies in Commissioner Calvin Holland's District 5. Holland tells News 12 he cannot discuss the allegations of discrimination on the course because the investigation has already started.