Johnny Turner cross-examined

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The harsh cross-examination of a government witness continued Friday afternoon in the trial for Linda Schrenko.

Johnny Turner is the government witness who has already pled guilty for his part in the alleged scheme to funnel hundreds of thousands of federal education money into Linda Schrenko's failing gubernatorial campaign.

Turner is the former accountant and employee of CCSC, a company owned by South African Stephan Botes. Botes and Peter Steyn are Schrenko's co-defendants.

Botes' attorney Brian Steel asked over and over what proof Turner had that Botes was in any way involved in moving thousands of dollars to people in Augusta, in the form of $590 dollar blank checks, to filter it into Schrenko's campaign. Over and over, Turner answered the same way: that he only had his word.

Thursday, the prosecution showed two sets of paperwork as evidence that Botes directed Turner to funnel the money. One was a set of handwritten notes detailing how much money would go to Botes' companies, and how much to the Schrenko campaign. The other paperwork was a spreadsheet detailing which Botes accounts got more than $300,000 in federal education money, and how more than $272,000 went to Schrenko's campaign.