Suspect in decade-long sexual misconduct with minor case arrested

An Aiken man is suspected of having sex with a four-year-old while in his twenties, and officers just made the arrest after a decade-long investigation.

39-year-old Timothy East was arrested Monday, May 1 on criminal sexual conduct. The offenses are so lewd even the sheriff's office wouldn't talk about them on camera.

East's neighbor Vincent Davis is related to East by marriage.

"It shocked me, it shocked my wife, it shocked my family," he says.

The arrest warrant shows officers picked East up for alleged criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Investigators say the crimes happened over ten years ago, in the early nineties.

The charges involve sex and oral sex on Shiloh Heights Road. According to the report, it's the same road where East lives...neighbors say it's his car in the driveway. The report goes on to show there wasn't enough evidence to make the arrest until now.

Vincent Davis says he and his family don't know what to think.

"Look at things that happen...I don't know...I don't know," Davis says. "I can't say he's right or wrong."

East hasn't been officially charged yet. He may be indicted by a grand jury at a later date.