Man hospitalized after fleeing shooter

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One person was shot and is now in the hospital, and a suspect is in custody after a home invasion Tuesday morning, May 2, in North Augusta.

It all happened shortly after 1:00 a.m. at a mobile home park on Thomas Park Lane in North Augusta.

But it ended a block away at a home on Birch Street.

Dennis Steedley explains answering the door to an unexpected guest after hearing his dog barking. "He just came in and fell right here," Steedley says.

Aiken County officers say 23-year-old Alberto Romero came to a mobile home on Thomas Park Road looking for someone.

Investigators say Romero returned a second time, this time forcing his way into the home.

"He then ordered the man, Mr. [Alajandra] Morales, outside the house, where he began shooting and striking Mr. Morales several times," says Aiken County Sheriff's Lt. Michael Frank.

Morales was shot several times. He ran through the woods and managed to scale a five-foot fence, making it to the back door of Dennis Steedley's house.

"He had a white tank top T-shirt on, and blood was saturated from his upper abdomen all the way down into his pants," Steedley says.

But Steedley says there was little he could do; he doesn't speak Spanish.

"I just said, 'Who did this to you?'" Steedley says. "He just pointed out the door."

At the same time, investigators say Romero had a gun and was looking for Morales.

They say Romero fought with deputies during the arrest.

"I do know that he struggled with them and they had to subdue him and they sprayed him," says Steedley.

Two deputies suffered minor cuts and scrapes during the struggle.

Alberto Romero is in the Aiken County Detention Center.

Aiken County Emergency Medical Service transported Morales to MCG. There he is listed as a no-information patient.