Brown chosen to take Colclough's commission seat

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The city has a brand new commissioner.

Commissioners have filled the seat left vacant after Richard Colclough announced he's running for state representative.

News 12 was told several names were tossed around, as several people expressed interest.

When it was time for nominations, commissioners nominated three people.

None of them were Bernard Harper, the person Mr. Colclough had endorsed.

The three nominated were Venus Cain, Keith Brown, and Alvin Mason.

Commissioners then voted on those three, but no one got the six votes needed.

They then went back to square one with nominations. This time, Harper was nominated. Keith Brown was also nominated, but the other two were not nominated again.

And because of Andy Cheek changing his vote, Keith Brown got exactly the six votes he needed.

Just after the vote, we spoke to the new interim District 4 commissioner to find out more about him.

"I'm a local businessman who certainly believes in economic development," Brown said. "I'm concerned about younger people getting involved in the political process."

Keith Brown was sworn in shortly after 5 p.m. and immediately got to work as a commissioner.

This is an interim position. An election will be held in July or November.

Voters in District 4 will decide who they want to permanently fill the seat.

If commissioners hadn't reached an agreement Tuesday, Governor Perdue could have stepped in to choose a new commissioner.