Local Mexican restaurants close for Day without an Immigrant

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If you're in the mood for Mexican for dinner, you may have a hard time finding a Mexican restaurant open.

News 12 learned today that several Mexican restaurants were closed after workers didn't show up.

The workers are trying to send the message that a day without an immigrant could hurt the economy.

It's hard to make a delivery to a closed restaurant.

"Usually they are doing pretty good business during lunch," says beer distributor John Kitchens.

Managers at Teresa's Mexican Restaurant on Boy Scout Road say they were supposed to be open despite a national immigration boycott.

But locally, some workers followed suit.

"I never figured it was in Augusta," said Teresa's customer Jerard Sanford, who was hoping to eat there for lunch. "I thought Augusta was going to miss that."

It's called A Day Without an Immigrant--a day for immigrants, mostly Hispanic, to stay home from work and spend no money in order to demonstrate their economic impact.

And a way to show that they deserve American rights too.

Franciso Marquez is from Mexico. He has been waiting five years for his immigration paperwork to go through.

"We protesting because it's not right for what they do for the Mexican people," he says.

"If they are not here, you don't eat," his fiancee, Crystal Kaney, adds.

Not all Mexican restaurants participated in the boycott. Vallarta's, a few miles away, was open...and their regular customers wanted to support the decision to stay open.

"I think the people who have opened this restaurant and work here, they have their legal papers...we are regular customers and we still come up here," says customer Petra Reese.